Andrew Molloy

Andrew MolloyAndrew Molloy was born and raised in the little fishing community of St.Shott’s Newfoundland. Andrew started entertaining on stage at the early age of 13 years and by the age of 14 had released an album with a traditional folk band consisting of Andrew and two high school buddies who happen to be brothers. A product of the Newfoundland Atlantic fishery demise, Andrew found himself writing song about the hard ship, and the despair people were feeling from seeing there sons, and daughters have to move to find work.

1998 Andrew moved to a small isolated town in the High Arctic of Canada named Iqaluit Nunavut where he became one of the founding members of East Coast Music Award Nominees “the Northern Ramblers. He joined the band Caber Feidh in the fall of 2010 as bass player and back up vocalist for the group and now shares some of the lead vocals with Chuck. Andrew and chuck are now in the process of writing Caber Feidh’s debut album.

Chuck Hann

Chuck HannChuck was born in a small community called Port Royal on Long Island, Placentia Bay, NL. He left home in Aug 1964, at 19 years old, after performing as lead singer in a country/rock band, to join the Naval Air Branch.

During his almost 46 years in the aerospace industry, while playing in pickup groups on weekends, Chuck retired to join an Irish/ Maritime group called Caber Feidh as lead singer/guitarist.

Some time ago, Chuck recorded an CD called “Port Royal Legend” in which he presented his version of songs written by members of his family.

The topics ranged from rekindled love, the resettlement program, the love of the island of Newfoundland, songs he had written and funny songs his Dad sang to him.



Denis Curtis

Dennis CurtisDennis Curtis was born in Deer Lake, Newfoundland in 1971. He learned the button accordion from his uncle whom had been taught by his grandfather.

Dennis left Newfoundland in 1989 at the age of 17 to join the Canadian Air Force and it was only towards the 15 year mark into his career that he had been approached by friends about the idea of forming the band Caber Feidh.

Prior to this he had only leisurely played at kitchen parties and socials.

Dennis is now proud to be keeping traditional music alive and strong and more importantly, the sight of others enjoying it pleases his Newfoundland heart and soul.




Randy Feener

Randy FeenerRandy can be added to a list of other family members that plays the drums that include his Dad, Brother, Uncle and Cousin. He started at an early age and continued on until after high school, jamming with friends any time he could. Although he gave up playing for several years after that to pursue a career and to build a family of his own, he did not forget his percussion roots.

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that he was influenced by the Celtic and traditional music genre through friends who have family deeply rooted in Cape Breton.  His wife Shauna had given him his first Bodhran (The Celtic Drum) for a Christmas gift about 4 years ago and he has dedicated himself exclusively to that style of percussion since then. He was able to create a sound and style on the Bodhran he could call his own.

Just a little over two years ago He was able to introduce himself to Andrew and immediately made the music connection. He was introduced to the rest of the band and was given the opportunity to try out to see if there was room for a “mainlander”.  He has been with the band full time for the last year and does not show any signs of slowing down.